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We have room for nostalgia. Photos of groups should have names if possible if their faces can be idenitfied. Dates or approximate dates and location are essential.

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Contributed by Jack Berger

RCAF Photo Course 1949-10
Back Row, Left to Right: Denny LeCren (Staff), Bill Olson (Staff), Alex Burnett (Staff), Taffy Price (Student), Doug Robertson (Student),
Front Row, Left to Right (All Students): Dick Mortell, Jim Seddon, Kaye "Steve" Stephenson, Alan "Mitch" Mitchell, Neil Thompson, Ken Toll, UNKNOWN, Lorne Bowerman, Bob Brackett.
Partial of 1949-10 UMKNOWN, Bob Brackett in door way,Kaye "Steve" Stephenson, and Lorne Bowerman with a stupid cigarette.
Need the name of the UNKNOWN photographer in full uniform.

1950 Camera Operators

From John Duggan, son of Frank Duggan. I am enclosing an attachment of two photos taken of members of 408 & 413 squadrons taken in 1950. The smaller photo of the six gentlemen, was taken at Whitehorse, March 1950, while on Operation "Sweet Briar". The caption on the reverse of the photo says " Temp. -72 degrees F " From left to right: Dick Talbot, Lee Kinley, Frank Duggan (father), Norm Leak, Johnny Leiper, Scotty Calder. The six gentlemen in the smaller photo, would blow into our house on PMQ's whenever they returned from the north after a season of mapping photography and toss my siblings and I into closets, stuff us into flight boots , bury us under flight tunics or great coats. Generally they did everything a kid loves to have done to him by his heroes. My sister was a bit annoyed at having her cat Sam, threatened by Scotty Calder's Zippo lighter but my brother Paul and I were all for it!

Crew with 408 Sqn Lancaster

From John Duggan, son of Frank Duggan. The larger photo, taken with the Lancaster, was shot while at Rockliffe and to my knowledge, includes only members of 408 squadron. My father Frank Duggan (2nd from left) was a member of the first photo course of 1947. He flew with the unit until injured at Le Pas, Manitoba, in which he suffered a fractured skull and subsequent coma, which caused him to be removed from active flying. He never got over it. The point of this note is my hope that you will recognise some of these gentlemen and also recall them as I do, before time wore them down, and they still had the ability to make fathers in the Ottawa Valley nervous.

Resolute Bay May 5, 1956
Contributed by Denis Daoust, son of F?O Paul Daoust.

1967 Conference
Maritime Command Photo Conference May 1967
CFB Esquimalt
Thanks to John Pickard

Versailles Film Festival
CWO Marcel Demers and Capt. John Pickard put the finishing touches on a colour photo
display at the Versailles International Military Film Festival held bi-ennially
at Versailles France, circa 1973.
Thanks to John Pickard

Medaille d'Or
Captain John Pickard accepts the Medaille d'Or on behalf of the
Canadian Forces Photographic Unit,
winners for the best colour photography - 1973
Thanks to John Pickard

Soleil d'Argent
Captain John Pickard receives the Soleil d'Argent on behalf of the Canadian Forces
for the second best public relations/recruiting film produced
by the Canadian Forces and the National Film Board - 1973.
Thanks to John Pickard

1975 Photo Conference
1975 Photo Conference, Rockcliffe, ON

1976 Photo Conference
1976 Photo Conference, Rockcliffe, ON
Thanks to Dal Lyngard & Jack Berger

CF Photo Unit Handover
During a handover parade in 1976, Major John Pickard takes over command of the CF Photo Unit
at Rockcliffe from Captain Bob Foster. Looking on is Lieutenant-Colonel Lorne Bowerman.

1977 Photo Conference
1977 Photo Conference, Cold Lake, AB
Thanks to Jack Berger

Photo Unit
Canadian Forces Photographic Unit, 1978
Thanks to John Pickard

Photo Conference 1979
NDHQ Photo Conference, 1979
Thanks to John Pickard

Change of Command 1979
LCOL Quentin Wight, BTSO CFB Ottawa, witnesses the Change of Command Document
signed by Major George McManus and Major John Pickard - August 1979.
Thanks to John Pickard

Change of Command 1979
Canadian Forces Photo Unit Change of Command Parade
Major George McManus to Major John Pickard - August 1979.
Thanks to John Pickard

Change of Command 1979
Major George McManus and Major John Pickard take the Salute
Change of Command, CF Photo Unit - August 1979.
Thanks to John Pickard

Grip and Grin
John Pickard and Lorne Bowerman do the Grip and Grin Thing
with some expensive fishing equipment
on John's Retirement, August 1979
Thanks to John Pickard

1981 Photo Conference
1981 Photo Conference, Cold Lake, AB
Thanks to Jack Berger

1982 Photo Conference
1982 Photo Conference, Trenton, ON
Thanks to Jack Berger

1983 Photo Conference
1983 Photo Conference, Comox, BC
Thanks to Jack Berger

1988 Mess Dinner
1988 Mess Dinner, Rockcliffe, ON
For CWO Johnny Johnson and MWO Marcel Vaillancourt
Thanks to Jack Berger

1989 Photo Conference
1989 Photo Conference, Winnipeg, MB
Thanks to Jack Berger

Defence Imaging Working Group
28-29 September 2006
8 Wing Trenton

Photo by: Cpl David Cribb, 8 Wing Trenton

(Left to Right)

1st Row
CWO Larry Graham, MWO France Dupuis, CWO Renée Marcoux, Capt Harry Harteveld, Capt Kristin Strackerjan, Capt Robert Laurin, Capt Éric Matte, Capt Colin Houghton, Capt Paul Doucette, Lt(N) Megan Marsaw, LCdr Kent Penney, Maj Terry Sullivan, Maj Tim Workman, Col Bill Kelly, LCol Robert Williams, Maj Marc-André Gosselin, Lt Nicole Reeves, Capt Marc Comeau, Capt Keith Errington, Capt Pierre Chouinard, Capt Stefan Berath, Capt Gabriel Doré, Capt Gordon Watson, MWO Darryl Barton, CWO(R) Jean-Pierre Pesant, MWO Maisie Payne, CWO Laurie Roy.

2nd Row
Sgt Darren Kraus, Pte Owen Budge, Sgt Roxanne Clowe, MCpl Paul Green, MCpl Dave Payne, Sgt Carl Elson, Sgt Sue Hersey, Cpl Matt McGregor, PO2 Ray Kruger, Pte Pierre Thériault, Sgt Ted Durdin, Cpl Martin Long, Sgt Denis Gauthier, Cpl Hagop Vanayan, MCpl Karl McKay, WO Richard Sirois, MCpl Randy Doucette, Sgt Robert Granger, Sgt Mark Lamontagne, Sgt Charles Senecal, MWO Pete Veldhuizen, MWO Michel Lavallée.

3rd Row
Michel Roy, MCpl Kevin MacAulay, MCpl John Bradley, Luc Lefebvre, Cpl Barnaba Szluinski, WO Guy Tardif, Cpl Kenzie Dawson, MCpl Marc Lacourse, MCpl Ron Duchesne, Marcel Hamelin, Sgt Blair Mehan, WO(R) Serge Peters, WO Steve Sauvé, Cpl Éric Jacques, André Rousseau, Sgt Mark Durdin, Sgt Stéphane Gervais, WO Ron Hartlen, Cpl Max Murphy.

4th Row
Sgt Roy Miller, WO Randy Rice, Ed Dixon, MCpl Collin Kelley, MCpl Ken Fenner, MCpl(R) Marc Gauvin, Sgt Susan Sampson, WO Trudi Gowanlock, Sgt Paula Tremblett, Sgt Serge Tremblay, Sgt Bill McLeod, MCpl Jill Cooper, Sgt Danielle Bernier, Sgt Cindy Molyneaux, Cpl Veronica Arsenault, Pte Melanie Ferguson, Christiane Laforest, Sgt Henry Wall, MCpl Sylvain Bourget, Pte Shilo Adamson, MCpl Carrie Roy, Sgt Éric Jolin, MCpl Fran Gaudet, Yvon Marier, MCpl Kevin Melvin, Marlyn Hooper, MCpl Lynn Fralick, MCpl Priede, Pte Vincent Carbonneau, Sgt Jeff deMolitor.